We started this company in 2014 as a family of lifelong skiers, believing from experience that performance, and fashion not only can go together, but should go together!  Our products are designed to enhance your experience whether you’re a park lover, deep powder-hound, cliff-dropper, recreational groomer, beginner, world class ski racer, big mountain killer, outdoor adventuring bad-ass, Nordic speed demon, apre expert or all of the above!  We guarantee they will deepen your vibe, clarify your aura, and cleanse your chakras.  Why?  Because our pieces are made and offered in the spirit of love and gratitude.  Because we believe that skiing and being outdoors is in so many ways a pure expression of the spirit, what better way than to contribute to that expression through things designed to keep us warm, fuzzy, and feeling awesome!

Steller Ltd. is one of the many wonderful things that happen when two lifelong skiers come together in matrimony, see an opportunity in our sport, and (at least one of them anyway) really really likes to sew and create.  Because we have always gravitated to those companies who sincerely cultivate a meaningful relationship with their customers, that’s precisely the type of company we strive to be.

Linda is a Czech national, former ski racer, current ski racing mom and coach, seamstress, and perpetual motion machine.

Troy  is a former US Ski Team athlete, attorney, sometimes photographer, and full-time alpine race coach.

We live high in Breckenridge Colorado where we create and assemble all of our products, along with our three daughters and doggies who are our chief and brutally honest product testers.

Send us your awesome pics of you rocking your world: Instagram  #stellerltd #stellermoments